Zachary Sharah

CSI student / Undergraduate Commerce/Economics student, UNSW Business School
Zachary Sharah is a third-year undergraduate commerce/economics student with UNSW Business School. He is also an equity analyst at a boutique investment management firm in Sydney where his roles extend across investment analysis, trading, investor relations, and marketing.
He has been member of the UNSW Business Society and is now the sponsorship director of the Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA) UNSW.
As his interest in finance and economics has grown so has his desire to understand how business professionals can use their skills and knowledge to solve complex social problems. This led him to jump at the opportunity to travel to India and work intensively with an education social enterprise as part of the Social Entrepreneurship Practicum in India.
His team co-created contextually relevant business solutions that has enabled the social enterprise they worked with to be sustainable for the long term and to deepen their grassroots impact.
A new appreciation of the role that business can play in creating positive change has led Zachary to develop ethical themed and climate change impact investment portfolios at his firm.  Also, the firm’s responsible investment policy has been influenced by Zachary's perspective of the role businesses can play in making a profound difference to the community.

Zachary presented at Webinar Twenty Three on 25 May, 2020.

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