Paul Abbott

Principal Project Officer, Mentoring 2 Work

Paul Abbott is the Principal Project Officer for Mentoring 2 Work. He has extensive experience in the public and private education sectors in the areas of operations management, business development and project delivery as well as frontline and senior management experience in the employment sector.

This background has positioned him well to truly appreciate the value of empowerment through education and experience and the importance of understanding and embracing one’s own strengths and capabilities to fulfil their potential.  

Mentoring 2 Work is delivered by Council on the Ageing WA (COTA WA) and is one of the largest programs funded under the Australian Government Department of Social Services’ Try, Test and Learn Fund – an initiative set up to fund trial programs across Australia and research their effectiveness in reducing welfare dependency.

Delivered across the Perth North metro region, which has one of the highest unemployment rates for youth in the country, M2W is a person-centred, one to one program for young adults aged 18 - 25 who are at risk of long term unemployment and welfare dependency.

It’s purpose is to empower young adults to realise their potential and unleash it by increasing their employability and awareness of career pathways through tailored and focused mentoring support.

Paul presented at Webinar Twenty Four on 25 May, 2020.

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