Janel Tumpalan

CSI student / Master of Commerce student, UNSW Business School

Janel Tumpalan is an international student from the Philippines and is studying a Master of Commerce, specialising in Business Analytics at UNSW Business School.

Janel has completed a Master of Finance degree and has worked as a hedge funds analyst at JP Morgan Chase & Co.  

She is the President of the Graduate Student Association at UNSW and is also a student influencer with the UNSW Business School.

Janel was part of the Social Entrepreneurship Practicum in Bali in early 2020, where her team worked with an ethical consumption social enterprise to create a sustainable marketing solution that strengthened the company’s environmental impact.  

Janel has actively aimed to integrate learnings from this experience with her knowledge in finance and analytics, to areas of social impact. 

Her nationalism and strong cultural identity as a Filipino also inspires her to give back to society and community. She is a director of the Filipino Student Council of NSW where she coordinates youth empowerment programs and more recently COVID-19 relief initiatives.

Janel presented at Webinar Twenty Three on 25 May, 2020.

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