Dr Ioana Ramia

Research Fellow & Lecturer, Centre for Social Impact UNSW

Dr Ioana Ramia is a Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Centre for Social Impact UNSW with a background in evaluation, social science and policy.

Ioana applies evaluation theory to assess the impact of initiatives addressing complex social problems, with a focus on outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. Her evaluation projects range from unemployment, housing and homelessness to education, mentoring and mental health initiatives.

Ioana researches sources of wellbeing and subjective wellbeing, progressing scholarly debate on measures of happiness and satisfaction with life.

She has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of International Political Economy, Tsukuba University (2008), a PhD in Social Science, UNSW (2012).

Ioana is the Business School representative to UNSW's Women in Research Network (WiRN) Executive Committee.

Ioana will present at Webinar Twenty Eight on 28 May and Webinar Thirty Two on 2 June, 2020.

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