Darcy Small

Co-Founder, Kua / Tutor, Centre for Social Impact UNSW

Darcy Small is a tutor for the Centre for Social Impact UNSW's course, Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact. It allows him to work on the things he's most passionate about: big ideas and social impact.

His childhood, spent exploring the natural surrounds of his rural home town (Crescent Head), inspired a career focussed on climate action.

Darcy has a degree in Solar Energy Engineering; a field he finds exciting both environmentally and in its potential to drive climate action. After a couple of years working with leading clean energy companies, he switched focus from technology to people.

With his friend Brody Smith, Darcy founded Kua, a social enterprise that does world-positive coffee for workplaces. Kua seeks to inspire it's coffee drinkers to take action against global inequalities and the climate crisis.

Darcy will present with Brody at Webinar Thirty on 1 June, 2020. Register now.

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