Brody Smith

Co-Founder, Kua / Tutor, Centre for Social Impact UNSW

Engineers are taught to tackle problems with a spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and social benefit. As a lucky engineering student, Brody Smith got an opportunity to put this into practice. On an outreach program in rural Uganda, he saw the real impacts of economic inequality and climate injustice.

This inspired Brody, and his Co-Founder Darcy Small, to start Kua - a world-positive coffee company. They now have an incredible team of five and are very passionate about working with great people and using new technology to tackle big issues.

Brody's role at the Centre for Social Impact UNSW enables him to explore both of these interests. He believes future solutions will be equal parts science, art, and innovation.

Brody will present with Darcy at Webinar Thirty on 1 June, 2020. Register now.

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