About impact2020

Brilliant things happen when we come together.

These are unprecedented times, and the upheaval to our society - especially to our most vulnerable - will require an extraordinary response from our leaders, our thinkers and our do-ers.

From expert insights, to in-depth discussions, analysis and debate, the impact2020 summit - presented by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) - combines and harnesses our thinking and actions to create positive social change at this time, and beyond.

Through free webinars, CSI's educators, researchers and thought leaders are sharing their research, expert insights, innovative thinking, case studies, tools and resources for our network and the broader for-purpose community in Australia.

Webinar presenters are covering wide-ranging topics across the social impact sector and participants are invited to dip in and out of the online event as it suits them.

This is an opportunity to join together as a community, to learn from each other and affect positive change.

The future is ours to write: Join, learn and affect at impact2020.

* As webinar recordings become available to the public they will be listed on CSI's YouTube channel.

View a full list of the impact2020 program (including past webinars).

About the Centre for Social Impact

The Centre for Social Impact is a national research and education centre built on the foundation of three of Australia’s leading universities: UNSW Sydney, The University of Western Australia and Swinburne University of Technology.

We are dedicated to catalysing social change for a better world:

  • Our research develops and brings together knowledge to understand current social challenges and opportunities
  • Our postgraduate and undergraduate education develops social impact leaders
  • We aim to catalyse change by drawing on these foundations to translate knowledge, create leaders, develop usable resources, and reach across traditional divides to facilitate collaborations

With thanks

A big thanks to Humanitix for enabling a smooth and seamless online booking system for our impact2020 webinars.

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